Top-Heavy, Part V: Gallery

datetime April 9, 2020 7:04 AM

And now we arrive at the end of this long, long, long journey.

If you’ve been linked straight to this post and for some reason you’d like to read 35,000 words of repetitive photo captions before coming back here to look at the pretty pictures– look, I’m not here to kink shame, you do you— feel free to start at Part I. Otherwise, please enjoy, without further commentary, the final outcome of my three months of labour.

Male Zero

Sculpting process for the Male Zero.

Female Zero

Sculpting process for the Female Zero.

ORC Trooper

Sculpting process for the ORC Trooper.


Sculpting process for Avicenna.

Kaplan Tactical Services

Sculpting process for the Kaplan.

Wild Bill

Sculpting process for Wild Bill.


Sculpting process for Hannibal.


Sculpting process for Laxmee.

Senor Massacre

Sculpting process for Senor Massacre.


Sculpting process for Valkyrie.

And that is… at last… it.

My first natural reaction right now is that I’d like to sit down. But you know what? I’ve been sitting for three months.

I’mma go… outside.

*slowly cracks door*

*looks around warily*


*slips out*


2 thoughts on “Top-Heavy, Part V: Gallery

  • Salvage


    Thank you for sharing all of the process on this project (even a holstered pistol, despite your best efforts), it was a pleasure to grind through it all while technologically working-from-home. The end result is fantastic – cheers for premiering it online and not making us wait until when events are allowed to happen again <3

    If you're keeping count, even if I'm a Massacre fan boy, your Laxmee is my favorite of the bunch.

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