Space Mounties!

datetime May 23, 2015 7:12 PM

I’ve now been playing Infinity for just about a year. I’m still absolutely in love with the game and kicking all kinds of ass with my Space Catholics, but I’ve had a hankering lately to expand my horizons a bit, and this has led me to put some time into assembling a new force: The NeoCanadian Courtesy Division.

I picked up most of the models for this army about eight months ago, but I’ve avoided playing them until I could field a mostly painted force. Mechanically, the army plays under the Neoterran Capitaline Army sectorial rules, but I’m going to be extensively converting models within the force to represent the military might of Space Canada.

Hey, stop laughing.

Canada totally has military might.

We’ve got those two boats and everything!

Cake Dwellers

datetime May 9, 2015 10:00 AM

My sister had some sort of party two weeks ago and my family insisted that I go.

I checked to see if I had D&D or an Infinity event that weekend, but they were both the week before, so I was clear to attend.

“Oh, and make sure to bring a statue of me,” she said. “To go on a cake.”

Kind of a weird request, I thought, but I shrugged and knocked out some sketches. They were going pretty well for the most part, but something in the composition seemed off.

“It looks really weird to have just one person on a cake. The balance isn’t right.”

“Fine,” she huffed. “Throw someone else on there too if you want.”

“Mmkay. Anyone in particular?”


“Oooookay then.”

I dug around on her Facebook for some pictures to use as reference. There were a lot of this dude.

“Hey, will this guy be at the party? There’s a lot of reference here for him.”

She thought for a moment.

“I’d have to check, but I think so.”

The Long Sad Song of Chinenye Ojokwu

datetime April 10, 2015 12:14 AM

I produced all of what follows last summer, and it only occurred to me recently when I went looking for it that I’d never collected all of it online anywhere.

The first half is long-form Infinity fiction, but for what I presume is the majority of you who don’t care about that, you can skip past the blue blocks straight to Week 2 for the start of the comics. :)

Last summer, I played in an Infinity league at my store. As a major feature of this league, each player created a Spec Ops special character to fight alongside their army, gather experience, and grow as the league progressed. Each player was told to write up a backstory for their character in the month leading up to the league, and then after each week’s mission, we were encouraged to post an in-universe writeup of the mission’s results, whether as a narrative or as a debriefing report.

On this page I’ve compiled all of the material I created to tell the tale of my spec-ops, a Crusader Brethren Hacker named Chinenye Ojokwu; I previously covered the process of converting her game model here. For anyone not familiar with the game’s fluff, my army are Knights of Santiago, an order of Violent Space Catholics who travel aboard trading ships on long journeys to escort religious pilgrims from planet to planet. I had only been playing for a few months when I wrote all of this, so it’s possible that some of it isn’t quite canonical, though I did try to research everything as much as possible. :)

The interesting thing to watch as the weeks roll on is the steady degradation of my hope for the character’s future. At the start, I thought I was writing a story about redemption and new beginnings… and then I started losing.

And losing.

And losing.

And… well, you’ll see.


Objectively Confidential

datetime March 18, 2015 4:21 PM

Corvus Belli released the new ITS 2015 mission pack last week, and it mandates the use of a “Classified Objective Deck” to randomly assign secret mission objectives to each player.

Which is awesome, except they haven’t actually released the deck. >_<

But, whatever. We know pretty much what it will look like and exactly what will be in it, so in anticipation of my store’s ITS2015 event this weekend, I spent a few hours knocking one together.


A Colourful Soul

datetime March 8, 2015 8:46 AM

Apparently this was a colouring weekend.

This little lady is a tattoo-loving gnome played by someone in my Pathfinder group. I really enjoyed trying to match my drawing to his mental picture. 😀

As always, you may click to embiggen.

I know most of my readership doesn’t really care about these art posts, but they’re my favourite content to go back and re-view later, so I’m gonna keep making them periodically. Because on top of everything else Spud is, he is also his own most important readership demographic.