Hacking Helper Update: Classified Objectives

datetime February 28, 2018 6:46 AM

I added a thing to the thing! You can watch my painfully long video run-down of the update, or just read the bullets below. Or neither, I guess. GO ON. JUST WALK AWAY AND KEEP LIVING IN IGNORANCE.


Hacking Helper Update Notes: Classified Objective Generator (v.1)

  • New sub-tab: References -> Classified Deck
  • Draw random objectives from a simulated 40-card deck
    • Uses card images from Spud’s Classified Deck.
    • Intelcom values match Customeeple’s deck (i.e., Kidnapping 1-4, Telemetry 37-40, etc.)
    • Duplicates automatically discarded
  • Hide card images from prying eyes
  • Switch between HVT: Retroengineering and HVT: Kidnapping (defaults to Kidnapping)
  • Enable “Selections Locked” to enforce tournament integrity– if enabled, your selection will be saved and cannot be reset for 30 minutes, and will persist when reloading the page, restarting the browser, or rebooting your device.

A future update (v.2) is planned within the next few months, which should include a browsing feature, the ability to manually set your objectives, and a text-only mode. Please don’t tell me how great those features would be; I’m already on the same page, I’m just a bit burned out on coding right now. 😛

As always, because of the annoyingly sticky caching employed in the app, you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache to get the update. Visit www.refreshyourcache.com for browser-specific instructions.


3 thoughts on “Hacking Helper Update: Classified Objectives

  • Jordan Brezer

    Any chance you are going to update the printable classified decks to include intelcom numbers?


    Captain Spud Reply:

    I won’t be updating them on the old decks, but I’m currently working on an update for the Season 10 classified objectives, and those ones will incorporate Intelcom numbers.

    I don’t have a very specific ETA on the updated deck, as the new objective deck popped up when I was in the middle of a bunch of other projects. “Hopefully by the end of November” is kinda the timeline I’m working with right now. :/


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