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datetime May 6, 2016 12:53 PM

Last month I posted the first models for my Tohaa army, but they weren’t exactly representative of the paint scheme I had planned out for my army. I owned Tohaa models for a year before I ever painted any, and in that time I went back and forth several times on a colour scheme.


As I generally do when I’m designing colour schemes, I drew a rough paper doll in Photoshop in the shape of the primary troop in my army– the bouncy Kotail Mobile Unit. The studio colour scheme is shown at left, and my first stab at a custom scheme is at right. This maroon-and-lavender scheme was something I thought up a few years earlier as a possible scheme for some Skorne models I never got around to painting, and I thought it looked quite striking on the Tohaa paper doll. However, my first Infinity army already made heavy use of dull dark purples, and while this one wouldn’t be exactly the same as what I used on my knights, I ultimately decided to go with something a bit more distinct for my aliens.


The next scheme that I liked was built around high contrast between dull grey and brown armour and cloth elements, overlaid on top of extremely bright living symbiotes underneath. I came up with several symbiote colours that looked good, and my intention was to use all of them in combination, assigning a different colour to each symbiote in the army to give opponents an easy way to distinguish models.

I liked this scheme well enough, but over the next year my mind continued to drift around through other possible schemes. The scheme I ultimately decided on was something I stumbled on accidentally at work. I had coded up a support ticket tracker app to help my department track interactions with students and staff at the college where I work– tickets are logged and classified into categories according to what was discussed. Each category has a colour code that I set for it, and a given ticket can have more than one category assigned if the conversation covered several topics.


Some categories come up frequently in combination with each other, and over time I noticed that the label colours for one particular combination looked quite snazzy together:


That particular lime green and that particular salmon red are just so eye-catching together. I noticed the combination’s beauty each time it came up in the ticket tracker, and because my brain is wired to bring every back to army men, eventually realized that they would make a really attractive paint scheme for my Tohaa. So when I sat down this past March to at long last start detailed planning of my Tohaa, it took only one design pass to figure out what to do:


SO pretty. 😀

This diagram shows my symbiote (right) and non-symbiote (left) schemes for the army– essentially, the areas that would be red on a symbiote model are instead swapped out for a dark grey bodysuit. Green and brown would unify the two halves of the army, with green being applied only through freehand lines traced over each model’s armour.

The Tohaamon I painted last month didn’t leverage much of the scheme (outside of using the brown and white for their helmets), but I took some time this month to paint two “actual” Tohaa models, and I have to say that it was quite rewarding to see the models come out exactly how I had imagined them. 😀

The Kamael was painted up first as a test model. I liked him overall, but found that the brown and grey panels weren’t distinguishable enough, given that both were highlighted up to similar dark greys.

I corrected the problem on the Ectros, using warmer, richer brown midtones to really reinforce the difference between the brown and grey components. This worked out really well, and I’ll be endeavoring to reproduce this colour set on the remaining models in the army. 🙂

All in all I’m really pleased with how the models look. I’m not looking forward to the work that’s going to be required to paint up my remaining 15ish models, but I am looking forward to how snappy the assembled horde will look when it’s all done. 🙂

The one downside is that the scheme takes a SUPER long time to paint– the Ectros above took about a week and a half of evenings and most of a weekend due to all of the fiddly details and the number of layers in each colour section. I anticipate that this time will improve somewhat as I get more used to the scheme and possibly look into assembly-lining later models, but I doubt that it will ever truly become a FAST scheme.

Mmm. So pretty. 🙂

Anyway, my Kaeltar now have the adult supervision they’ve so desperately lacked up to now, and the ranks of the army will only increase as time goes by.

I don’t think I’m going to post updates every time I paint more dudes, but I’ll probably do a roundup roughly quarterly to let y’all know how they’re progressing. 🙂

So, I guess you’ll probably see more on these guys at the end of the summer. 😀


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