Looming Onyx Towers

datetime February 3, 2018 11:55 PM

Ominous Black Lumps

All of what you see here was finished by around November. It’s taken me a while to get off my ass and write this post for y’all. 😛

The set is currently playable and seeing regular testing at my local shop, but one final push remains before I can call it complete: detailing. These buildings are going to be covered in a combination of mirror scrapbook paper and custom papercraft, which is going to be a pretty long process of its own. I’m honestly not looking forward to it, but I’ve had enough of a break from terrain labour at this point, so I should probably get on it. Should be done by early Spring, I reckon.

Oh, and one last puzzle that’s going to need to be solved before this thing is over:

This s*** takes up a crazy amount of space and is really difficult to transport. The above bundle barely fits in the back of my car.

Which is definitely a problem I wanted to have at the end of all of this



6 thoughts on “Looming Onyx Towers

  • Christoph

    Really great work again. It’s a shame lasdough was such a waste of time and effort. Keep on the good work, will look great at the end i’m sure.

  • Andrew Hebert

    PHWOAR! What awesome terrain, and incredible insights! Inspiring stuff, Spud!

  • Max

    I felt distinctly masochistic recently and decided to try my hand at the ring and ISS tower. So far it’s been a mixed success completing the ring, however, on the base segment for the final quadrant of the ring I can’t seem to find the template in the downloads. Am I missing something?

  • Captain Spud [Post author]

    1) Dear God, why are you doing this to yourself? I TRIED TO WARN YOU! I TRIIIIIIIIEEED ;_;

    2) I’m looking over the template files, and it looks like the footprint for the ring tower is built out of two other templates:

    That definitely wasn’t clear from the templates or the walkthrough. Potato bad at instructions. 🙁

    3) Let me know if anything else is missing or unclear. 🙂

  • Max

    Haha I excel in making poor decisions.
    I thought it might be something along those lines but didn’t fancy gambling the time and resources on the hunch. Thanks!

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