Objectively Confidential

datetime March 18, 2015 4:21 PM

Corvus Belli released the new ITS 2015 mission pack last week, and it mandates the use of a “Classified Objective Deck” to randomly assign secret mission objectives to each player.

Which is awesome, except they haven’t actually released the deck. >_<

But, whatever. We know pretty much what it will look like and exactly what will be in it, so in anticipation of my store’s ITS2015 event this weekend, I spent a few hours knocking one together.


Each card includes the full text of the objective (I even left the occasionally dodgy grammar in place! You have no idea how much willpower it took to not make corrections… ~_~ ) as well as three reminder panels to indicate:

  • The type of specialist or equipment required to perform the objective
  • The number and nature of any rolls required
  • Whether or not the objective requires you to interact with the opposing High Value Target

You can download the deck in PDF format in two versions:

When printing your deck (or when having it printed), be sure to print it at ACTUAL SIZE and not “fit to page”, or else the cards will be too small for a standard card sleeve. I also recommend getting it printed on cardstock instead of normal paper so that the cards will have a suitably sturdy feel.

Or, sure, you can just crap them out on your office inkjet. Don’t let me stand in the way of your frugality. 😛


3 thoughts on “Objectively Confidential

  • Anaris

    Hi van we work together to publish a french version? French community feels a little let down currently. We need tranlated ressources

  • Captain Spud [Post author]

    Absolument. 🙂 Si vous me fournissez les traductions, ça ne me prendrait pas beaucoup de temps pour construire une version Française. Je peux l’essayer moi-même, mais mon Français manque un peux de l’élégance nécessaire à ce point. 🙂

    Je t’envoyerai un document avec les passages de quels j’en aurai besoin.

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