Milk & Cookies & Heavy Resource Extraction

datetime December 26, 2018 1:51 PM


Ash and I live about 80 minutes away from each other; I was on his show once this past October since I happened to be in his neck of the woods to dogsit for my parents, and then we decided to do it again when I was visiting them for the holidays. This entire silly project erupted from out decision to film a silly Christmas special for his channel. 🙂

I finished the whole set at 2:30 the morning of the shoot, and setting it up in his studio was actually the first time I had seen it all together.

Everything looked pretty amazing, but after doing a quick dry run of my custom scenario to iron out some kinks, we got a bit of a surprise when we shut the lights off to go out for lunch:


Capitalizing on our discovery, Ash hung up some additional coloured lighting that was leftover from our Halloween episode to wash everything in a low red-to-green lighting gradient.

Under that dim illumination, the tea lights and dollar store trees and lampposts just looked absolutely incredible. 🙂

At the end of a 10-day build process, the episode looked fantastic, and I couldn’t be more pleased. 🙂 If you’d like to have your own run at my stupid, stupid holiday scenario, you can find the full write-up here:


We shot on Friday, which is the same day as my weekly Infinity night. So, after the shoot, I trucked everything down to my local game store to play through the same silly scenario with our locals.

Turns out, Infinity is a bit of a mess in a six-player, 600pt format. We did teams of three to reduce the chaos a bit, but it was still pretty terrible. XD

No-one managed to defeat Santa this time around. 🙂



All of that traveling was just stops on the way to my parents’ house for the holidays. I showed my mom the pictures from Ash’s studio, and, well…


Instead of leaving tea lights on all week, I ran a string of older incandescent Christmas lights under the fuzzy white snow sheets, cutting small holes under each building for a few bulbs to poke through.

And of course, it all looked a bit empty and desolate without elves to work the mine, so I sprinkled some mounties around here and there. 🙂

The big mine got its own small string of lights to light it up. The whole thing was wadded up underneath, which led me to an interesting discovery a few days later:

Apparently incandescent light bulbs get hot! XD

The entire battery pack got completely melted, and the string of rainbow lights currently doesn’t work. However, the string of lights themselves seem unaffected, so I’ll probably just swap a new battery pack in when I get home next week.

And, there we go. One stupid project, many stupid applications.

From all of us here at (which would be… me?), I hope y’all had an enjoyable annual glorification of commercialism, and are currently bloated and torpid from overconsumption of carbohydrates.

Joyous Presentsplosion, one and all!



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