But… why are their heads so big?

datetime October 3, 2018 6:59 PM

“Fun” postscript to this project: while my long-term goal was to use these models as Murderball reinforcements, my more immediate impetus for making them was to bring them to a random local tournament alongside my NeoTerra army. Bounty Hunters are a pretty tough sell in large numbers due to being Irregular, but I wanted to try them out and see just how bad they would end up being.

And I never actually got to do that.

Because one week before I finished them, Corvus Belli put out a stealth update to the ABH rules, with two major changes:

  1. They’re now Regular. WHOOOO!
  2. Their AVA dropped from 3 to 1.

So after doing all of this work to make a squad of bounty hunters, CB patched their rules so that I could never field more than one at a time.

So, yeah. The lesson is “never try”, I guess.

*defeated shrug*


3 thoughts on “But… why are their heads so big?

  • Tor Swanson

    and here i thought it was just a homage to NBA Jam’s big head mode.
    I’m intrigued by the murderball format, and look forward to trying it.


  • Captain Spud [Post author]

    It’s super fun. We generally drop 6 panoplies in the middle of the board to give players an incentive to leave their deployment zones. 🙂


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