Looming Onyx Towers

datetime February 3, 2018 11:55 PM

Do you make really foolish decisions? If you do, and as a result decide to undertake the monstrous labours depicted in this article for yourself, you can find all of the necessary templates here:

I really don’t recommend it, though. You will almost certainly not enjoy the experience.

So without really meaning to, I’ve ended up taking a 5-month break from “real” project blogging. I won’t bore y’all with the details, but suffice to say that a pretty unremarkable combination of “not doing very much” and “not wanting to write about the stuff I did” was to blame. However, in that time I’ve built up a small pile of finished projects, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things over the coming months. 🙂

Without further ado… in May 2017, I posted some designs for a set of Yu Jing urban terrain that I planned to build “at some point”. Quick refresher:

The timeline in my head was that I would do major foamcore construction of the buildings in the Fall, and then take a break for a few months before resuming work on the surface detail in the new year. And for the most part, that timeline has held up– the work you’ll see here was mostly completed in October and November of 2017, and I’m prepping the next stages to start in the next month or two. So, yay for vaguely accurate projections. 😀

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Arctic Rim

datetime December 11, 2017 11:09 PM

So, uh, this showed up in my office this morning, and no-one in the department is taking credit.

I guess it’s a Christmas Miracle?



Classified Deck Partial Update – HVT: Kidnapping

datetime October 2, 2017 1:47 PM

Just a quick note for today: I’ve updated my Classified Objectives deck with a card for the new HVT: Kidnapping objective.

I’m having some weird issues with the site for the online printer I’ve traditionally used for professionally-printed decks, so at this time, I have the new card available ONLY in PDF format for you to print yourself. The purchasable versions will be available at some point later, once I figure out why the site is being dumb.

If you’d like to print a new deck from scratch, all of the Printable PDF versions have been updated on my Infinity Tools page (in the same colour, language, and paper size choices as before). If you already use a printed version of the deck and only need the new card, you can grab just the new Kidnapping card here:

Each of these links leads to a ZIP file containing five PDFs: one with a single card in each of the four back colours, and one PDF that has all four back colours on one page (in case you want to print them for a large group). As always, make sure to print these PDFs at actual size, and not “fit-to-page”, as the latter will come out at wrong size for standard card sleeves.

Note pour les joueurs Français: Quand j’ai fait la version originale de ces cartes, les propres règles Français n’ĂŠtaient pas publis par Corvus Belli, alors les titres et les règles sur mes cartes ne s’alignaient pas avec les règles officielles pour les objectifs qui on suivi. Pendant que j’avais mes fichiers ouverts par mĂŞme façon, j’ai mis Ă  jour tous les cartes aux titres et mots des règles propres. L’exception pour celĂ  est le nouvel objectif, HVT: Enlèvement, qui utilise une traduction par Avadan sur les forums Bureau Aegis. Merci Avadan pour votre aide! :DAlors, si vous avais une pile de la version originale, ça mĂŠrite peut-ĂŞtre imprimer une nouvelle copie avec la nouvelle langage.

I’m going to keep poking away at the online printer’s site to see if I can get the decks updated there; once those are available, I’ll make a quick follow-up post here on the blog.


Improvised Mediocrity

datetime September 10, 2017 2:39 PM

This will eventually be a post about some space terrain.

But, quick tangent to talk about how great I am first.

I am, as the title of this blog accurately states, amazing. And the things that I build have a strong tendency to manifest that same property. However, such quality of output does not happen on its own. While my most amazing amazingness appears to be born purely out of brilliant ideas and skilled implementation, there is a crucial step whose importance even I tend to forget: planning.

I am a very good planner (in that I’m good at anticipating most of the elements of a future project that require preconceptualization, and most of the problems that I will need to solve along the way) and a competent enough concept artist, and a lengthy concept stage always dramatically improves the quality of my final products. For a few recent-ish examples…

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Space Minister McDimplesmirk

datetime August 1, 2017 11:40 AM

When Aleph cast its digital gaze upon NeoCanada, it saw a Space Nation in crisis. Ingratitude, discourtesy, and poutine shortages had gripped its people, leaving the Human Sphere’s politest neighbour in chaos.

However, Aleph did not despair. It knew that the good people of NeoCanada could return to the straight and snowy path, if only they had a inspirational figure to lead them there. And so the AI dug through the annals of NeoCanadian history to find exactly what USAriadna’s Hat was missing:

Firm abs and sexy eyes.

Mmmmm. <3

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