Vroom Vroom!

datetime October 22, 2019 10:30 PM

If you wish to kneel before the Holy Space Motorcycle, I will not judge you for it.

Not gonna lie, I’m SUPER excited with how this turned out. I wrapped up painting him the day before a small local tournament, and he helped carry me to second place. 🙂

And by “helped”, I of course mean “died every game without doing anything, because he’s a suicidal bike without access to smoke, but fortunately the Seraph was around to collect enough heads for both of them.”

So, totally worth all the work I put in. 😛


4 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom!

  • Salvage

    Great to read another in-depth build of yours, love the end result and am genuinely impressed by how much sculpting it took to get there. I was sure you were going to use more of the base knight but nope 😀

    Aside: I think I prefer the style of bike you used here for these dudes, as opposed to whatever model CB is going with (which’ll look cool I’m sure but not as stylish for a *knight*!)

  • Spadgris

    First of all, this was amazing. Secondly, I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t keep the horn from the bike model in place. It would have been a unicycle. So much pun lost.

  • Dan Barnaby

    You are a master of Greenstuff and imagination! This is freaking awesome on every level!!! WOW! So Cool!

  • Vallarthis

    Every time you post about sculpting or painting, I end up trying something more complex with my own minis. After sober deliberation, I have concluded the correct response is “thank you for the inspiration”, not “damnit, stop making my life harder!”

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