Classified Deck – Season 10 Update

datetime October 26, 2018 3:09 PM

After a bit of a delay caused by the size of the task unexpectedly quadrupling, I have finally finished updating my Classified Objective Deck for Season 10! You can download the new versions on my Infinity Tools page.

In addition to containing more objectives, the new cards needed indicators for several new elements– specialist icons, a differentiator for Normal/Extreme Mode, and– because my old cards were made before it existed– Intelcom. My old card design didn’t have any really convenient places to put these things, so I went ahead and completely redesigned the card layout to cleanly integrate the new elements. Doing this allowed me to shift things around and open up more space for the main text area, which should hopefully make things marginally easier to read.

The card backs were also redesigned. Like before, I’m offering four different colour options, but I changed the menu to Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Teal.

Each colour of card back has three variants– one for the Normal Mode deck, one for the Extreme Mode deck, and one for a small handful of Reference cards that include the Secure HVT objective as well as reminder tables for things I frequently want to reference at the table: Booty, Metachemistry, and a Command Token menu.

As before, the new cards are available in both English and French, with translations provided by Wizzy and his compatriots over at Bureau-Aegis. 🙂

And finally, the cards can be obtained in two ways– either download them in PDF format and have them printed at a local print shop (the new designs may be a bit much for your home inkjet printer), or order them professionally printed from

Aaaaaand… that’s it. For anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to buy the official deck, or just prefers a design with more visual reminders, here’s your free(ish) alternative. 🙂




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